About Us

The Nanny Box has been delivering the BEST products to Nannies across the USA! Our goal is to provide a platform for amazing companies to showcase their products, bringing only the best to the nannies we love!

The Nanny Box is a seasonal gift subscription that celebrates nannies all over the USA, giving employers, nanny agencies, family and friends of nannies a new, unique, and special way to show appreciation for in-home childcare specialists. Many nannies also buy the product for themselves! We have a saying at The Nanny Box, and that is “celebrate nanny life.” We want to remind nannies (and people all over the world) just how valuable nannies are! We want you all to celebrate nanny life with us and with the products we select for every month to use on and off the clock!

We Are Not a “Try Before You Buy” Subscription Service!

When Jada founded The Nanny Box, she had something bigger in mind than just creating another box out there filled with products for you to just try. “Of all the subscription boxes out there, for moms, dads, teachers and even PETS, there’s not ONE with the focus being the nanny! The nanny industry is a rapidly growing industry, and call me crazy but I think what we do is worth being celebrated! We help some of the most amazing people one earth- parents, and we get these children geared up for their first day at school, and beyond. That is what you can expect to discover inside every box each season- four-5 full sized items selected around the season. We write a letter to you expressing your worthy and how if no one has said this to you THANK YOU.

Jada Pickett has years of experience in the childcare industry and is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on!